What is bitmexcopy.com ?

Bitmex copy service allows you to trade on a group of keys, like on a single account and copy actions from one account to many others. You can expand the capabilities of your bot or perform funds management leaving them on investors accounts. You get full control over managed user accounts, and their funds are secured. Managed users get full transparency of actions and the ability to revoke access any time. All that gives you the ease of management and additional profits for your trading.

Is installation of any software/plugins required?

We offer a cloud-based solution, which requires no installation of any software. Copy Bots are running in our scalable VPS cloud 24/7(AWS) in one location with BitMex Exchange.

How can I make sure my funds are safe?

Bots connect to your exchange account through API keys that do not have permission to withdraw funds.

How many keys can I add to the bitmexcopy?

It depends on your tariff plan. If these limits are not enough for you, contact us and we can increase the limit to any value.

What is a group? What is it for?

The group is necessary to combine keys into one space, which you will be comfortable working with. You can make transactions with the group as a single key.