My copy bot is not working

How to understand yourself why there are no trades.

Video instruction on our YouTube channel.

BitMex copy service consists of two main parts:

  1. This is a trading terminal where you can make transactions yourself.

  2. This is a Copy Bot that reads changes on the main account and creates the necessary transactions in the terminal.

After receiving information about the transaction from the main account, the Bot creates a Deferred order in the system for each key included in the group. The bot completely copies all the parameters of the order from the main account and can correct them with the options that were set during configuration. You can easily check it in the terminal in the deferred section.

If such an order is created in the system, then the copy bot works correctly.

After the appearance of such order in the system, it is automatically executed. If the order is just created, it has a state "New". After its execution, the state will change. Under the new state, you can understand what happened.

If you click the plus on the left, you will see the communication with the exchange and the responses received from it. Details on the status can be found here.

If you want to check the parameters with which order was created in the sydtem , click on the three points in the "Edit" column and select the "Params". Here you can also see the ID of the order on the main account with which this new order is associated. And make sure that the bot copied everything correctly.

So you can understand everything that happened in the system. If the deferred order was not created, try checking your master key, it may be blocked or invalid. Or try to stop and restart the bot, then the connection with the exchange will be updated. If nothing helped, write to the support, we will solve the problem.