Errors from the APIcopy system. Such requests do not fall on the exchange.

  • Position is zero for apiKey XXX - The calculation of the position as a Percent of position is selected, but there is no position on the selected market on this key. Calculate the volume is not possible, order Failed.

  • Api Key has invalid status- API Key status is not Verified. Making trades is possible only on the API keys with the status of Verified. Check the status of the API key. Such a trade will be Faild.

  • Can't get position for apiKey XXX-

  • Order Duplicated- Such order already exists on the exchange. Identification occurs by the clOrderId field, which is unique for each order in our system. You can not copy the order twice from one account. Such a trade will be Failed.

  • Current leverage 1.0 doesn't match desired 0.0-

  • Failed to move on exchange:------Read timed out -

  • Error Low limits - Crypto Exchange set very tight limits on requests. We monitor the available limits and if the available limit is reduced to the minimum values, we can temporarily block the key. After restoring the limits, we will try again. This can significantly affect the speed of copying and opening orders. How to solve this problem, see here.

  • Amount is zero after percent of deposit calculation - After calculating the amount of the transaction, the resulting value is less than the minimum trading on the exchange. We do not round up the value and do not increase the risk on your deposit. Such a trade will be Failed.

Error 400 Bad Request. Such an error we get from the exchange..

  • Error 400 Bad Request - {"error":{"message":"Account has insufficient Available Balance, XXX XBt -

  • Error 400 Bad Request - {"error":{"message":"Order price is below the liquidation price of current long position","name":"ValidationError"}} -

  • Error 400 Bad Request - {"error":{"message":"Invalid price","name":"HTTPError"}} -