Order States

The main core of the system is the creation and execution of deferred orders. More information can be found here. To understand and control the execution of orders, we created statuses, looking at which you will immediately be able to understand what is happening with it.

  • New - The order has just been created. This is the first status after creating a deferred order.

  • inProcess - Only for limit orders (Sop Loss, Take Profit). It means that the order is placed on the exchange and is not executed. Such order can be edited, canceled, closed in deferred orders.

  • Comleted - Order successfully executed on exchange.

  • Failed - The transaction is not made. The reasons can be viewed in the logs of this order. If such an order is on the exchange and there is a status Failed in the terminal, then the bot will not be able to move and cancel such an order. It is necessary to cancel this order in the Active Orders tab, and then re-set on the main account.

  • Canceled - Order Canceled on the Exchange. It may be Canceled by both the exchange and you.

  • CancelPending - It switches to this status to Cancel the order and will not change until it receives a response from the exchange that the order has been Canceled.

  • MovePending - Moves the order or changes the price. After a successful change, it should change to the inProcess if the order remains on the exchange.

The Deferred order in the status InProcess