API Key menu

  1. General statistics on all your api keys. You can also see it on the left panel.

  2. The name of the key that was set at creation.

  3. The first 4 digits of your key. It is not necessary to add several keys from one bitmex account to the system. Bitmex Copy will count them as one key.

  4. Groups in which the key is. The number of groups in which you can add keys is not limited.

  5. Bots in which the API key is the main. You can not delete API key from system which has a bot. First you need to remove the bot.

  6. XBT balance on the Bitmex exchange. You can also see it in the left panel.

  7. This is a very important indicator of the status of the key. It can have the following meanings: Verified - you can work. New - appears when added key before verification. Temporarily blocked— Indicates that key operations are temporarily suspended. Request limit reduced to a critical point. After the restoration of limits, trade resumes (1-3 minutes) Blocked - The key failed verification or is disabled on the exchange. We recommend deleting such a key and adding a new one. The bot will stop automatically with this master key status. Disabled - the key is disabled and it does not send any requests to the exchange. You can enable it yourself in the actions section.

  8. Menu for key actions

Menu for key actions

  1. View log - you can see all the states that the key had and the actions that were performed with it. Understand the cause and time of the lock.

  2. Add to group - add to any of the existing groups.

  3. Disable - stop all requests to the exchange on this key. The history of transactions, balances and other things will not be saved. This key is disabled and you can not trade or see information on it.

  4. Delete - deletes the key from the system.