Add Api keys

To use service features, you should add at least one API key.

If you added the key to the BitMex Copy, we recommend not to add this or other api keys of your account to other services.

Your account has a limit of requests to the exchange, other services may reduce its value, which may adversely affect the execution of transactions or even make a temporary key block.

If you have given the key not full rights (only closing the order or reading), then when you try to trade on that key, it will be blocked.

We don't store your funds. You pick the exchange you trust, and you give the permission to trade on that exchange account.

  1. Click you login and select "API Keys" to enter "API Key" menu;

  2. Created API Key on BitMex and add it in

  3. Key name can be any and is necessary for convenience. Api key and Secret API must be copied from the exchange.

  4. After adding a key, it is verified in the system and you can see its status and rights that were given to it on the exchange.

  5. Check account balance and key status. Must have been Verified