Create Order (terminal)

Manual trading in the terminal

If you want to set a cross leverage, enter 0 and click set

Order creation is divided into two stages. In the first, you need to select an account or group to trade, set a leverage, select a market for trading.

In the second stage, you must specify the order parameters. For example, let's create a limit order for 1 account for a 10% deposit.

In the window that appears we select: Type - Limit set the Price at $ 3000 for 1 BTC enter 10 in the field, and select in the Amount Type - Percent from deposit Exec type - immediately

The remaining values are fully consistent with the same on BitMex. In more detail about these parameters it is possible to read on BitMex or here.

After clicking on the XBT-USD button, you can once again check all parameters were entered and confirm the your trade.

After confirmation, a special Deferred Order will be created in the system. What is it you can be found in the next section.