Deferred Orders

Internal order execution system

"Deferred" orders are our internal order execution system. Any user action on the exchange creates such an order. This system of execution allows you to understand what is happening with your application and guarantees its execution.

If the action is done on - it is guaranteed to be in deferred. Expand each order and you will see everything that happened with your order on the exchange.

Each deferred order has its own internal ID that it sends to the BitMex and you can see it in the Order History - Client Order ID.

If the order was created during the copying process, then it will transfer the ID of the main order from which the copying takes place to the exchange. This guarantees the uniqueness of the order and helps to better understand the Orders History.

Order History on BitMex

If the exchange is not available and at that moment cannot accept the Order for execution, "Deferred order" will execute it until it completes or receives an error from the exchange. Orders are executed in accordance with the rules of the exchange and taking into account its limits.

The whole history of the logs is stored on our servers and you can always see what happened.